Illustrator, Humorist, Painter...

About Me

Paolo Dalponte, illustrator, humorist, painter, uses in his cartoons the black and white technique. The pencil is his most suited tool to describe subjects in sharp details in order to render the translation of his idea of graphic humor most real. His images come from surreal culture and from this way of conceiving the artistic message, they have absorbed its provocative strength and fascination. The author trusts to objects, approached in an unusual way, to their inside metamorphosis, and to their infinite game of exchange, the task of triggering the mechanism of thought. Their logic often escapes the common sense of things. The absence of color takes to a colder view of the subject; to a more analytical rather than emotional viewpoint. There is the need to communicate, but in a “distinct” way, and in this exchange, in this message, a “click” is created that outbreaks both doubt and smile.  

Honors & Awards